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In 1986, Coho Salmon broodstock were collected from the Kitimat River in Northern British Columbia, Canada, home of the world’s largest and fastest growing coho salmon. Our fish have been selectively bred for growth rate, disease resistance, flesh color, and body conformation. The coho broodstock and eggs are certified organic under the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard.


Target Marine's coho broodstock program is carried out at a land based facility Sechelt, BC, Canada.  Fish are reared in flow-through and reuse systems strictly controlling the environment and eliminating exposure to wild fish. Culture systems are all supplied by pristine ground water from the Tetrahedron Mountains.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) carries out the disease screening under the compartmentalization program to certify the coho as disease free for global shipping.  Target Marine Coho broodstock are screened for viral and bacterial pathogens, and are screened to obtain Title 50 for export to the USA.  Eggs can also be shipped to Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, and complete documentation is provided to meet the requirements of the importing country.


Over the past two decades Northern Divine Aquafarms has developed a technique to produce monosex female populations of Coho Salmon. The benefits of these monosex eggs include the elimination of unwanted jacks in the population, an increase in roe (caviar) yields, and an ability to push smolts harder for faster growth due to no risk of jacking. Significant advantages to farmers include larger smolt size potential, twice as much roe for salmon caviar production resulting in increased revenue, and no precocious maturation of males allowing for production in RAS and resulting in decreased costs.

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Target Marine’s controlled broodstock systems allow for egg production in all seasons, offering farmers multiple inputs throughout the year.  This also offers the advantage of earlier eggs, allowing for a larger smolt resulting in earlier harvests or larger fish at harvest. Hatch rates should be greater than 90%.  Egg size varies with season, between 5.5 – 6.5 mm (4000 – 6000 eggs/L).


Target Marine coho eggs should be incubated between 3°C to 10°C.  At first feeding, temperature can be increased to 12°C and warmer once the fry are established on feed.  The coho juveniles should be reared in fresh water between 2°C and 17°C until smolting.  Optimal rearing temperatures are between 14°C to 17°C, depending on other water quality conditions.  Please contact us to set up an optimal production plan.


Our coho grow to 50g smolts in 6 months from hatch under optimal conditions.  Under natural photoperiod, fish will be ready for salt water in the spring.  Smolts can be slowed by cold water to produce a larger smolt the following spring.  Photoperiod control can be used to produce smolts for year round entry.  These coho can be cultured in either salt or fresh water after smolting.  In salt water at ambient temperature (6 – 20°C), the 50g smolt typically reaches 3 kg in 12 months.  Target Marine coho are normally harvested between 3 – 5 kg.  Growth rate can be increased in controlled climates with optimal rearing photoperiod and temperature.

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Target Marine coho are prized for their bright silver skin and rich and firm dark red flesh.  On the Roche scale, our coho are normally at 17-18 (previous scale) or 32-33 (new scale), depending on the amount and type of pigment used in the feed.  Please contact us for a specific plan for pigment inclusion in your feed.  Coho is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats.  Oil content is ~ 10%, depending on the feed used.  These fish can demand a premium market price.